Partnerships of Hope

21.07.2020 / BY ADMIN

Partnerships of Hope

Silica is a purpose-driven team. Our purpose is to “Make Investments Accessible”. We do this by helping our clients, Asset and Wealth Managers, service their clients, and grow their businesses.  One of our core values is being a trusted partner, to not only our staff & clients but also our community. Today the challenges faced by many communities are significant, even in the pre-COVID 19 days, and getting involved can initially appear to be a very daunting task. But this cannot just be left to our government to resolve these issues regardless of why they exist.  There are so many great NGOs or programmes out there making a real impact. We wanted to choose to partner with an organisation that matched our values and helped us serve our purpose.

Investing or saving is about looking after our future and not just our immediate needs. Education, like investing, is about our future. It can open many more opportunities for everyone, bringing hope and growth. Silica encourages all staff to continually learn, develop, and grow themselves so they can stay relevant and adapt to our fast-changing world. If our youth are disillusioned about their future, they are unlikely to take their education seriously, or to invest or save for their future. We were very fortunate to meet Astonishment Mapurisa who founded and leads the Youth Opportunities South Africa (YOSA) organization.

YOSA’s purpose is to help our youth tackle the challenges hindering many of them from completing their education and taking their place as productive members of our society. It employs a Positive Youth Development approach to help them capture their talents, see their potential, and give them hope that their future does not need to be defined by where they have started. YOSA has worked with many schools, impacting tens of thousands of learners’ lives by mentoring and coaching our youth to build resilience, encourage positive energy, and take initiative rather than focusing on the many problems that they might face.

When the COVID-19 crisis arrived, Astonishment immediately changed the mission to one of using YOSA’s resources to provide food during the school closures, raising additional funds to feed hundreds of families in the community that YOSA operates.

Silica is proud to have a partner like YOSA, grateful that we can support a team that is focusing on creating a better life for our youth, as they are our future, and thankful for what Astonishment and his team have taught us along the way.

A true partnership of Hope.

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